Sumo: July champ Ichinojo rejoins elite in new rankings

Kyodo -- Aug 29

First-time champion Ichinojo was rewarded for his July triumph Monday by earning re-promotion to komusubi in the Japan Sumo Association's ranking published ahead of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament from Sept. 11 at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan.

The 1.92-meter 211-kilogram Mongolian, a former sekiwake who wrestled as a No. 2 maegashira in Nagoya, will move up two spots as he returns to the three "sanyaku" ranks below yokozuna for the first time since last November.

In an alignment sumo hasn't seen for 23 years, the JSA has opted to go with three wrestlers at sekiwake, the sport's third-highest rank, and three at komusubi, one rung below. ...continue reading