KDDI starts using Starlink network to improve service coverage

スペースX社の「スターリンク」利用した基地局 KDDIが静岡・初島に開設

NHK -- Dec 02
Japanese telecom giant KDDI says it has started using the Starlink satellite communications network to help provide mobile phone connectivity anywhere in the country, including remote islands.

The service started Thursday on an island south of Tokyo. Officials demonstrated conducting a video conference using the satellite network operated by US firm SpaceX.

KDDI plans to connect some 1,200 base stations across the country to the network to eliminate coverage dead spots. The company says that will be useful in the event of any disaster. ...continue reading

Dec 02 (ANNnewsCH) - アメリカの実業家、イーロン・マスク氏の宇宙開発企業「スペースX社」の通信衛星を日本で初めて活用した携帯電話の基地局が静岡県の離島に設置されました。  ...continue reading

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