Japan court orders another forced sterilization payout

Kumamoto, Jan 23 (NHK) - A Japanese court is ordering the government to compensate two people who were forcibly sterilized because of a disability. This is the third such ruling in under a year.

The sterilization procedures were ordered under the Eugenic Protection Law --- scrapped in the 1990s.

The plaintiffs are a 78-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman in Kumamoto Prefecture. Each was sterilized more than 40 years ago. The government argued they waited too long to file a suit and the statute of limitations had passed.

The Kumamoto District Court dismissed that argument, saying the law clearly violated the Constitution and was both discriminatory and inhumane.

The court ordered damages of 170,000 dollars split between the elderly plaintiffs, an amount well below what they requested. ...continue reading

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