Former Yokozuna Hakuho retirement ceremony held

TOKYO, Jan 29 (NHK) - A retirement ceremony was held on Saturday for former sumo Grand Champion Hakuho at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

He won the most ever 45 tournaments, chalking up 1,187 wins before retiring in 2021 after that year's Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

He then took over the Miyagino stable, becoming its new stable master last July.

At the ceremony, held 16 months after his retirement, the new Miyagino stable master had his last bout with his son Mahato, and then performed a ring-entering ceremony that drew loud applause.

He was accompanied by Sekiwake Hoshoryu, and Ozeki Takakeisho, who won the New Year Grand Sumo tournament earlier this month. ...continue reading