Shizuoka police: Bone fragment of missing woman in July 2021 Atami mudslide

熱海土石流災害 最後の行方不明者の人骨と確認

Atami, Feb 10 (NHK) - Police in Shizuoka Prefecture have confirmed that a bone fragment found in soil from a residential area in Atami City is that of a woman who went missing in a deadly mudslide in July 2021.

Shizuoka Prefectural Police say the massive mudslide on July 3 struck the Izusan district in the city of Atami, leaving 27 people dead. 80-year-old Ota Kazuko went missing.

Police have been trying to locate Ota since finding her driver's license and cash card.

Authorities say soil removed from residential areas was filtered using heavy machinery. They say a bone fragment about 15 centimeters long was found in January.

Police say they cross-checked the fragment against DNA from Ota's relatives, and confirmed that it was part of the woman's arm bone. ...continue reading

Feb 10 (ANNnewsCH) - おととしに静岡県熱海市で発生した土石流災害で、先月に見つかった人の骨が最後に残った行方不明の女性のものと確認されました。  ...continue reading

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