G7 digital and tech ministers discuss rules for AI

TOKYO, Apr 30 (NHK) - Digital and tech ministers of the Group of Seven nations began their talks on Saturday by focusing on the rapidly spreading use of artificial intelligence and ways to regulate it.

The two-day meeting of the G7 ministers for digitalization and technology is underway in the city of Takasaki, north of Tokyo, with Japan serving as the chair.

Top agenda items are AI and cross-border flows of data.

Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi said the potentially destructive effects of technology such as AI can bring drastic social change, and it is necessary to quickly assess risks and respond to them.

He said that as much as possible, such risks should be addressed without hindering the development and appropriate use of technology.

Recent technological breakthroughs have raised concerns about breaches of privacy and information leaks, along with the misuse of data and the spread of fake information.

European nations appear to be stressing the need for rules, including the regulation of AI, while Japan and others are emphasizing the importance of AI's development and use. ...continue reading

Apr 30 (ANNnewsCH) - G7=主要7カ国デジタル・技術相会合は、AI(人工知能)など新しい技術の利用に関する5つの原則で一致し、閣僚宣言の取りまとめに向けた最終調整を行っています。  ...continue reading