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Google rolls out Japanese AI search

グーグルが生成AIでネット検索の新サービス 日本で試験提供

NHK -- Aug 30
Google has rolled out an experimental version of its artificial intelligence-powered search engine in Japanese.

Japan is only the second country to get the AI chatbot, following the release in May of the English version in the US.

"This shows that Japan is an extremely important market for Google," said Murakami Shin of Google Japan.

The US IT giant developed its own generative AI technology. The new search system can accept more complex questions, and then summarizes results from various sources. Links to the reference sources are included to guarantee the accuracy of the information.

The company says the trial will help improve the quality of the Japanese expressions the system generates.

Competition for the Japanese market is expected to heat up, as Microsoft's AI-powered search is already available in a localized version.

Aug 30 () - IT大手のグーグルは生成AIを使ったインターネット検索の新サービスを試験的に日本で提供開始しました。  ...continue reading

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