Kim Kardashian is 'disrespecting' Japan: 'Grow up!' -- Sep 03
Kim Kardashian has found herself facing a myriad of complaints after her 'disrespectful' image with a Japanese Geisha went public.

It all occurred during Kim’s trip to Japan alongside North West and some of her friends.

The post and subsequent picture in question is from Kim’s latest Instagram update and it features her making a fish face right next to a Japanese Geisha, during a selfie.

Many started to question the star’s mental age following the image’s release.

One fan even wrote ‚'Grow the f*** up' whereas others began questioning whether Kim 'even knows' the historical significance of the art.

Others in the comment section began bashing the star for being an 'overused' fan of the fish/duck face, and one even said, 'Kim just needs to take a break from so many photos of herself with the lips ! She is in her mid 40s and yes gorgeous and successful we all know but does she ever get tired of just so much excess?' (sic) ...continue reading

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