Victims call for compensation, panel over alleged Johnny Kitagawa sex abuse

TOKYO, Sep 04 (NHK) - A group of people who say they were sexually abused by the founder and president of Japan's leading talent agency, Johnny & Associates, have sent a requests list to the agency that includes setting up a panel to pave the way for compensation.

A team of outside experts probing the allegations against the late Johnny Kitagawa confirmed last Tuesday that widespread abuse against minors occurred over long periods.

The experts urged the agency to set up a program that will compensate the victims.

The group of alleged victims met reporters in Tokyo on Monday, where they announced they had sent the list.

They said they also asked the agency to set up a panel including expert members that the victims' group and the agency each nominate.

They say the panel should comprise two groups. One would focus on shedding full light on the allegations and clarify where the responsibility for the alleged abuse lies. The other would hold a dialogue with the victims and provide relief, including compensation and address issues such as their psychological distress.

They requested that a fund to be set up for these purposes, and that the agency and the current president of Johnny & Associates, Julie K. Fujishima, contribute to the cause.

They also requested voluntary financial contributions from media organizations, including TV stations.

The group disclosed plans to submit a claim soon for human rights relief to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. They also announced they are preparing to take their case to prosecutors, and in the event the talks collapse, they plan to file a civil suit.

The head of the group, Hiramoto Junya, said they proposed that the panel be active for ten years, so that victims who hesitate to come forward can have time to speak out.

He added that he wants the panel to create a framework to work with the victims to help them, rather than have the talent agency provide relief on its own.

Johnny & Associates earlier announced it will hold a news conference on September 7.

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