Japan and Singapore lead Asia’s crypto race as South Korea lags

ambcrypto.com -- Oct 05

South Korean analysts and experts have taken note of Japan’s ambitious endeavors in the crypto and Web3 space, with some speculating that it might become a “crypto and Web3 El Dorado.”

While Japan’s restrictive crypto regulations have started to ease, South Korea is contemplating stricter oversight. This has raised concerns among its crypto firms.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s administration in Japan has been proactive in fostering the Web3 sector, aiming to transform the country into a crypto and Web3 powerhouse.

The government has been implementing supportive measures and relaxing regulations, setting the stage for potential growth in these emerging fields.

One notable move by Kishida was his video speech at the WebX conference in July, hosted by CoinPost, Japan’s largest crypto-focused media outlet. The event saw the attendance of high-profile government officials. ...continue reading