Former doctor convicted of secretly filming naked schoolgirls

OSAKA, Oct 19 (News On Japan) - A former doctor was handed a suspended sentence after being found guilty of secretly filming female students naked during a school health checkup.

The 35-year-old former doctor was charged with violating child pornography prohibition laws, among other offenses, for using a pen-shaped miniature camera to secretly capture images of female students while they were naked during health examinations conducted in schools in Osaka Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture last year.

During the trial, the accused admitted to the charges, with the revelation that there were over 40 victims, based solely on the incidents for which he was charged.

In the verdict delivered on Sep 7, the Osaka District Court pointed out that "the crime exploited the trust placed in doctors conducting health check-ups, and stern criticism is appropriate." However, considering factors such as settlements reached with some of the victims, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison, suspended for 5 years.