'Late autumn storm' rips off roofs in Hokkaido


TOKYO, Nov 17 (News On Japan) - A low-pressure system moving over Japan on Friday turned into a 'late autumn storm', with winds in Hokkaido strong enough to rip off roofs.

Shizuoka also experienced heavy rain resembling a typhoon. Rain began before dawn on Friday, turning heavy during the morning, rendering umbrellas useless.

A camera overlooking Suruga Bay at 10:55 AM shows almost zero visibility, with rain pounding pedestrians despite wearing hats and raincoats.

In Hokkaido, gale warnings were issued. In Muroran, winds momentarily exceeded 25 meters per second, ripping off roofs, while a temporary power outage knocked out traffic lights.

Intense winds blew in from the sea. In Hakodate City, Hokkaido, people tried to clear sand away from the road as it piled up.

A nearby sushi restaurant manager commented, "I arrived at 7 AM, and by that time sand was already flying across the street like a river. It reached the parking lot, but it didn't cross the road. This is the first time it's been this bad."

There is a risk of typhoon-like gales blowing across various parts of the Japanese archipelago through to Sunday, Nov 18.