Wild boar on rampage in Sendai, smashes school windows

SENDAI, Nov 23 (News On Japan) - A wild boar that ran riot in a school in northern Japan on Thursday, smashing windows and frightening students and parents, is still on the loose in a residential area in Sendai, with local police receiving about 20 reports.

Several witnesses reported a wild boar, about 1 meter in length, running in the Wakabayashi Ward of Sendai City, at around 7:50 AM on Nov 23.

By around 8:30 AM, the wild boar had entered a nearby high school and was reported to have broken three window panes in the school gymnasium.

About 40 children and parents from a youth baseball team were on the school grounds at the time, but fortunately, there were no reports of injuries.

The police received about 20 incident reports, including the wild boar colliding with pedestrians and causing damage to vehicles.

The police and the ward office are tracking the whereabouts of the wild boar and have issued warnings to residents in the surrounding area.

Nov 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 宮城県仙台市の住宅街にイノシシ1頭が出没し高校に侵入しました。窓ガラスを突き破るなど被害が出ています。  ...continue reading