Japan begins trial of over-the-counter 'morning-after pill' sales

TOKYO, Nov 28 (Kyodo) - Japan began trial over-the-counter sales of morning-after pills on Tuesday as the nation takes a major step toward joining dozens of others that make the emergency contraception drugs available without a doctor's prescription.

Morning-after pills are now sold at 145 drug stores nationwide at prices ranging from around 7,000 yen ($47) to 9,000 yen as part of the health ministry's investigative trial.

Women aged 16 and older and who wish to obtain the drugs through the study can buy the pills after calling the pharmacy in advance. Any woman who is under 18 must have parental consent and be accompanied by a parent when making the purchase. ...continue reading

Nov 28 (ANNnewsCH) - 「緊急避妊薬」の試験販売が28日から始まったことを受け、処方箋(せん)なしでの販売を求めてきたNPO団体が厚生労働省に要望書を提出しました。  ...continue reading

As Japan enters peak pollen season, the battle against cedar pollen allergies intensifies, with questions remaining on the effectiveness of re-planting forests with pollen-free trees.

On Monday evening, February 26, JAXA unveiled photos taken from the lunar explorer SLIM, clearly showing the lunar surface scattered with rocks and other features.

Isn't it beautiful? In a flask containing a substance with a deep purple hue, Professor Akira Kitagishi from Doshisha University is conducting an experiment that may create a groundbreaking therapeutic drug.

Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, who has been residing on the International Space Station (ISS) since last year, reflected on the experiments he has conducted, stating, "It was an environment where we could test for future human missions to the Moon and beyond."