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Environment Minister Shintaro Ito has issued an apology for an incident involving the adjustment of microphone levels during a meeting with Minamata disease patients and victims' groups in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Constitution Memorial Day, on May 3rd, marked 77 years since the enforcement of the Japanese Constitution. On May 3, 1947, a ceremony to commemorate the enforcement of the Japanese Constitution was held at the Imperial Palace Plaza. Despite the rain, approximately 10,000 people gathered.

During his visit to France, Prime Minister Kishida, as chair at the OECD Ministerial Council, declared his commitment to removing employment barriers facing women and the elderly.

Media reports say US President Joe Biden has blamed Japan's economic troubles on xenophobia while arguing that the US economy is growing because it accepts immigrants. (NHK)

Mayor Ryosuke Takashima of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, has completed one year in office as the youngest mayor in history. In an interview, Mayor Takashima stated, "Executing policies is the critical theme for my second year."

Three Lower House by-elections were held in Japan on Sunday. Candidates from the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party have won all three seats. The results are expected to affect the management of the government led by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. (NHK)

A private organization has revealed that approximately 40% of the national municipalities, totaling 744, could potentially disappear by 2050 due to declining populations.

Akira Ikegami engages in a compelling conversation with Enkaku Katsumaru, a former member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Public Security Bureau, Foreign Affairs Division.