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Luxury You Deserve: Casino Style Home Decor

Sep 03 ( - Daily hustle, busy lives, and a list of things to do that is longer than a receipt at the grocery store - welcome to life in the 21st century.

In crazy times like these, we often find ourselves longing for our own personal oasis, a place that can help us relax, unwind and have some fun, with no questions asked. If you have room to spare, perhaps it would be best to turn it into your own personal casino, suggests Anna Rosak (read her bio here), a casino expert and gambling enthusiast that sees gaming not only as a pastime but as a lifestyle.

“Gaming sites such as Duxcasino have turned the public’s perception of gaming upside down. These days, everyone does it, and they do it on a regular basis. Even more so, players want a dash of casino experience in their own homes, which is definitely possible to achieve”, says Rosak, who has throughout her career visited some of the most exclusive and upscale establishments such as Les Ambassadeurs in London.

Rich Shades for Luxurious Experience

Anna advises that the best starting point is deciding on the color scheme. In her opinion, the most obvious choice is to use black, red and green, yet she suggests thinking outside the box.

“You don’t want your casino room to look cheap and straight out of a sleazy establishment down the street. Aim for the color palette that will work with the rest of the home, and perhaps even consider choosing something completely unexpected”, advises Anna. As “something unexpected”, she mentions being inspired by Marie Antoinette’s gambling room: “It has a powdery pastel color palette, and it works marvelously with antique furniture. Who would have thought to put it in the gaming room? She did!”

Choose The Right Furniture

The next step in the process should be choosing the right pieces that will provide you with everything and anything. A round gaming table is an obvious statement piece of furniture. It should be light, yet stable, and leave enough room for chairs and movement. “The worst thing is getting too big of a table, and having everyone move when someone has to leave for the bathroom”, Anna is critical.

Comfortable chairs are also a must, just like additional pieces that can help set the right mood and keep all the right accessories. If we presume you won’t be buying a professional casino table (or even multiple of them), you will need a closet to keep the table covers for different games, equipment, cards, and perhaps even a nice cashier if you play for real money.

Rosak also gives an important piece of advice: “Keep things organized, please! It puts everyone in a much better mood! Can you imagine going through the entire closet looking for a brand-new deck of cards? Or high-stakes casino chips? It’s a nightmare when you have company!”

A nice addition is also a bar. You can find great pieces on online marketplaces and flea markets. All they need is a fresh coat of paint and some TLC to shine. Adding cocktail sets, and drinking glasses from the 1960s can also be a nice touch, especially if they are family heirlooms. Rosak still suggests trying to limit the number of drinks and invite guests to drink in a dedicated spot, especially if you invested more money in the equipment.

Casino Decor Faux Pas

Truth be told, it is easy to get carried away when decorating. Sleepless nights on Amazon make us buy the most obscure things, so Anna warns us to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

“The biggest mistake one can make is trying to make things too obvious. Don’t worry, everyone will know it is a gaming room, even if there is no neon sign suggesting so. Also, skip the huge plush dice, pillows shaped like poker chips, and other knick-knacks and dust collectors. It is your home, not a playground nor a frat house”, she is honest.

Another important element is lightning. Casinos are notorious for using only artificial lightning, but considering this is your home we’re talking about, don’t hesitate to let the rays of the sun come in. Furthermore, make sure there is one big light above the main gaming area. That way, the happenings on the table will be visible to everyone, and you’ll get to see other people’s faces. A more intimate atmosphere can be created in corners and nooks with sofas where players go to relax and have a drink.

“Play with the room, and see how it feels. Sometimes you might get an idea out of nowhere, or maybe you’ll need a second opinion on a certain thing. Consider it as a fun way of entertaining, and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of ideas”, concludes the casino expert.

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