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Japan's wealthy taxpayers' undeclared income hits record high

TOKYO, Nov 24 (News On Japan) - The amount of undeclared income by wealthy people in Japan has reached a record high of 98 billion yen, among the worst offenders being scrap gold wholesalers, breeders and yakiniku restaurants, the National Tax Agency announced on Friday.

"The National Tax Agency annually publishes a ranking of industries with high amounts of undeclared income. This time, the top five are management consultants, scrap gold wholesalers, breeders, yakiniku restaurants, and tile contractors," says Izumi Oguri, Nippon Television Chief Commentator.

"This investigation introduced several instances of high-value tax evasion. Notably, it includes influencers," Oguri continues.

"Influencers who introduce products on social media and receive compensation from companies based on their follower count were cited as cases not declaring part of their income. According to tax accountants, some thought they wouldn't get caught as it's online."

"There are also instances, though not included in this investigation, where women known as 'paid-to-drink' participate in drinking parties for cash, failing to declare income paid by the companies running these matching apps."

"Lack of tax knowledge often leads to non-declaration."

Oguri mentions that "Breeders had cases of not declaring cash sales from pet auctions."

"A tax accountant and former chief examiner of the Tokyo National Tax Bureau, Hiroyuki Sato, analyzes that breeders saw an increase in undeclared income due to higher 'nesting demand' during COVID-19, while bars and hostess clubs have ranked lower due to the pandemic's impact."

News On Japan

Demolition work on a nearly completed ten-story apartment building in Kunitachi, Tokyo, which obstructed the view of Mount Fuji, began last week, seeking to restore the once picturesque view from the 'Fujimidori' shopping street extending from JR Kunitachi Station.

Operations on the Tokaido Shinkansen between Nagoya and Hamamatsu stations remain suspended following a derailment involving a maintenance vehicle.

Japan experienced a scorching heatwave over the first weekend of summer vacation, with temperatures soaring from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Despite comprehensive heatstroke measures at festivals, numerous incidents were reported.

A junior high school girl drowned on Sunday while trying to save her younger sister at a beach in Saka Town, Hiroshima.

Tsutomu Shirosaki, a former member of the Japanese Red Army, who was serving time for his involvement in the 1986 attack on the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia, died on the 20th of July at the age of 76.


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Japan's third largest newspaper company, the Mainichi Shimbun, announced on Wednesday that it would cease newspaper deliveries in Toyama Prefecture by the end of September this year. Currently, only the morning edition is being published in Toyama, with the estimated circulation falling to 840 copies in 2023.

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