Business | Jan 24

Japan's Trade Balance in Red for Third Consecutive Year

TOKYO, Jan 24 (News On Japan) - Japan's Ministry of Finance has announced that the country's trade balance for the past year has registered a deficit of 9.29 trillion yen, marking the third consecutive year it has finished in the red, although down from the previous year's record high of over 20 trillion yen, partly due to the decline in energy prices, including crude oil.

Despite the deficit reduction, the persistent trade imbalance raises concerns about Japan's economic reliance on foreign goods and energy. The Ministry's report highlighted that while exports have shown signs of recovery, the gains were offset by the high cost of energy imports, which continue to weigh heavily on the trade balance.

The government is facing increasing pressure to address the trade deficit by fostering industries that can compete globally and by securing stable and affordable energy sources. Economists suggest that a strategic mix of boosting domestic production and diversifying energy imports could help mitigate the risks associated with trade imbalances.

Additionally, the fluctuating global market, impacted by geopolitical tensions and the ongoing pandemic recovery, poses a challenge to Japan's trade outlook. The Ministry of Finance has indicated that it will closely monitor these factors and their potential effects on Japan's trade performance.

Source: NHK

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