Business | Jan 25

NTT Unveils Advanced Logistics Technology

TOKYO, Jan 25 (News On Japan) - A new initiative utilizing state-of-the-art communication technology, combining 5G and IOWN, to connect industrial devices has been launched by NTT East Japan.

Compared to Wi-Fi and other technologies, 5G offers greater capacity and supports numerous simultaneous connections, enabling smoother operation of multiple robots.

The elimination of physical cables for connecting devices also facilitates smoother wiring layouts, leading to an anticipated boost in productivity.

This system, developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, employs advanced optical technology, using the next-generation "IOWN" network, known for its stable low-latency communication.

In the future, this technology is expected to be implemented in training for robot operation and other areas, contributing to the cultivation of skilled technicians in fields where labor shortages are a growing concern.

By harnessing the speed and capacity of 5G and the efficiency of IOWN, NTT East Japan is at the forefront of reshaping industrial productivity.

Source: ANN

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