Politics | Jan 27

Aso Faction Continues Amid Departures, Mogi Faction Faces Growing Exits

TOKYO, Jan 27 (News On Japan) - Following the Liberal Democratic Party's decision to prohibit factional involvement in personnel affairs, known as the dissolution of factions, there has been a surge in members leaving the Aso and Mogi factions, both of which have indicated their intention to continue.

Among these, former Defense Minister Iwaya (岩屋元防衛大臣), a member of the Aso faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Aso, announced his intention to leave the faction during a meeting held in Tokyo on the 26th.

Former Defense Minister Iwaya: "I have stated that I will leave the Shikokai (Aso faction) if it continues to exist."

Additionally, Senator Sekiguchi, chairman of the LDP members of the Mogi faction, announced in a press conference that three senior Senate members of the faction, including himself, intend to leave. With this announcement, the Mogi faction, which already includes members like Kobuchi, the Election Strategy Committee Chairman, and Aoki, the Deputy Secretary-General who have expressed their intention to leave, now faces five departures. This development brings the faction to a critical juncture regarding its continued existence.

Source: テレ東BIZ

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