Sports | Jan 31

Former President of Japan Boxing Federation, Akira Yamane, Passes Away at 84

TOKYO, Jan 31 (News On Japan) - Akira Yamane, the former president of the Japan Boxing Federation, has passed away at the age of 84.

Yamane, during his tenure as president, was instrumental in promoting Japanese boxing on the international stage. He served as the coach of the Japanese team at the Sydney Olympics and played a key role in sending athletes to international competitions. Under his leadership, Japan achieved its first multiple-medal haul at the London Olympics.

However, his tenure was not without controversy. In 2018, over 300 individuals involved in amateur boxing filed a complaint against Yamane. Among the allegations was the so-called "Nara decision," which was perceived to favor participants from Nara, where Yamane had connections.

In the same year, the misappropriation of grants became a significant issue, leading to the entire board of the Japan Boxing Federation, including Yamane, resigning from their positions. Following his departure from the federation, Yamane, who referred to himself as "Otokoyama", made several appearances on variety television shows.

Yamane's death marks the end of a chapter in Japanese boxing, leaving behind a legacy of both advancement and controversy in the sport.


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