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Hiromu Iijima Plays Teacher in Forbidden Love

TOKYO, Feb 26 (News On Japan) - A special screening and talk show was held in Tokyo on Sunday for the first episode of the new MBS drama series "Cinderella Complex," which stars Miku Tanaka and Hiromu Iijima, depicting a steamy affair between a teacher and student.


"Cinderella Complex" is a live-action adaptation of a popular Korean webtoon that has garnered over 400 million views. It is a "love psycho-thriller" that begins with a forbidden affair between a popular handsome teacher, Yosuke Aizawa (played by Iijima), and a bombshell female high school student, Yura Maezono (played by Tanaka). Tanaka plays the bewitching and addictively charming heroine, while Mori portrays Kudo Kaname, a high school student who attends the same school as Yura but has trouble fitting in and carries a shadowy presence. Ugaki plays Mai, Aizawa's wife, who also works as a teacher at the same high school.

Iijima introduced his character Aizawa with a wry smile, saying, "He's a bad guy, isn't he?" He continued, "The character of Aizawa is very broken. I thought about how to portray the real and heavy atmosphere of hell and the human desires that are packed into Aizawa." On playing the role of a man engaged in an affair, Iijima said, "I thought about how to lie and deceive effectively," and added, "But at the same time, I thought Aizawa was pure, so I also took care to portray that aspect." When asked by the host if he was good at lying, Iijima responded with a laugh, "Me? That's a secret."

Mori spoke about Iijima's likable off-camera demeanor, saying, "Being around Iijima-san, with his looks and voice, gives a sense of security during filming, and you naturally want to follow him. I thought it was great working with him." He also mentioned, "I thought he was a cool person, but he actually has a bright atmosphere, and I felt that gap. We talked about saunas, and I thought I'd like to go with him." Iijima responded with a pleased expression, saying, "Since I played a teacher, I tried to portray a more adult-like presence compared to the students."

Tanaka, who played the devilish heroine, said, "It's rare to come across such a role, so I worked hard. I stayed true to the original work because if I played it naturally, the impact would be lost and Yura-chan's uniqueness would disappear." Iijima praised Tanaka's passionate performance, saying, "The challenge and passion she brought to the role of Yura were incredible. I thought she truly has the soul of an actress." Iijima also commented on the intense scenes, "There are extreme scenes like slapping, and she said, 'Please slap me, Iijima-san!' It was a learning experience for me as an actor not to break that spirit."

When the talk theme "If you could use just one magic spell" came up, Tanaka recalled a kissing scene with Iijima. "I wasn't tall enough for the kissing scene. Iijima-san bent his knees where the camera couldn't see, and I felt sorry. I wish I were a bit taller," she shared.

Ugaki, who plays the wife being cheated on, reflected on her role, saying, "Nothing but pitiful things happen. It gets even worse after the first episode. I played Mai-chan, who gets dragged into terrible situations, while encouraging her to 'hang in there.' If I were Mai-chan, I think I would knock Aizawa out."

"Cinderella Complex" is set to bring a new twist to the drama landscape with its compelling storyline and dynamic characters.

The drama will begin airing on February 29th on MBS every Thursday at 24:59, among other times.

Source: MDPR

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