Business | Mar 28

Japan's New Blueprint for Developing Next-Generation Domestic Aircraft

TOKYO, Mar 28 (News On Japan) - The Japanese government finalized a new strategy on Wednesday aimed at the development of next-generation domestic aircraft, including initiatives for eco-friendly aviation technologies.

This new strategy outlines the goal to develop a next-generation domestic aircraft adapted to a decarbonized society, targeting advancements in hydrogen fuel technology and beyond, with a launch timeline post-2035. To support the development research costs, the strategy anticipates an investment of approximately 4 trillion yen over the next decade, pooling resources from both public and private sectors.

The initiative comes in the wake of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' challenges with developing Japan's first domestic jet passenger aircraft since 2008, which ultimately led to the project's cessation last year due to repeated changes in plans.

Reflecting on these experiences, the government emphasizes that collaboration within domestic and international business sectors is crucial for the successful development of future aircraft projects.

Source: 日テレNEWS

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