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Japan Mulls Raising National Pension Age to 65

TOKYO, Apr 16 (News On Japan) - As Japan faces an aging population, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare is considering extending the National Pension payment period from age 60 to 65. The proposal has sparked mixed reactions among the public.

A 59-year-old woman, soon to finish her pension payments, shared insights into her frugal lifestyle, buying bent vegetables at a discount and pickling them to save money. She noted, "Prices are rising, and everything seems to be getting more expensive. I'm always careful to save money on small everyday things."

This move could mean that individuals might have to pay up to an additional 1 million yen in total if the insurance period is extended by five years. Currently, the monthly pension insurance premium is 16,980 yen. Over five years, this would amount to nearly 1 million yen in extra payments.

However, the extension could potentially increase the pension amount received by about 10,000 yen.

Opinions from the public vary significantly:

A 62-year-old business owner expressed concern: "For those over 60, re-employment is tough. Many see their salaries decrease, making it harder."

A 64-year-old business owner sees the benefit: "It's okay to extend it. Everyone is getting older."

In Tokyo's Koto Ward, a 50-year-old tempura shop owner lamented, "What we relied on is becoming unreliable. Is it wrong to live too long?"

A 60-year-old cleaning shop owner shared, "When I turn 65, I'd like to relax, maybe travel. It would be tough if I didn't have enough money then."

A retail businesswoman living alone in Tokyo voiced her frustration: "I thought I was almost done with pension payments, but I don't think they're really considering us."

In France, similar pension reform plans—from 62 to 64 years—led to nationwide protests after the government pushed through the decision.

Meanwhile, Japan is also reconsidering the "Employed Elderly Pension" scheme, which currently reduces the welfare pension by half for any amount exceeding 500,000 yen per month combined with wages for those aged 65 and above.

The Ministry's review includes potential changes to this scheme, suggesting it might be favorable for those who wish to keep working while healthy.

However, there is criticism too, pointing to "favoritism towards high-income earners" and "increasing disparities."

The Ministry plans to finalize the calculation items through its expert panel, publish the verification results, and then decide on the future direction of the pension system.

Source: FNN


Makoto Nishimoto, a former Miyazaki City councilor who goes by the name Super Crazy Kun, has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for forcibly taking a woman in her 30s, whom he knew, into a hotel in Miyazaki City last September and assaulted her by restraining her arms and committing non-consensual intercourse resulting in injury.

NTT has unveiled Japan's first technology aimed at improving the power efficiency of data centers, which are known for their high heat generation and substantial power consumption.

A pair of premium melons from Yubari City in northern Japan has fetched 3 million yen in the first auction of the year. That's about 19,000 dollars. The luxury fruit is a popular gift in the country. (NHK)

A new facial recognition system, set to be widely used at next year's Osaka-Kansai Expo, has been unveiled.

Shohei Ohtani has reportedly purchased a mansion worth approximately 1.2 billion yen near Dodger Stadium, according to local media.



The Japanese government is considering raising the definition of elderly by five years, from 65 to 70, in light of increasing healthy life expectancy. Currently, the definition of elderly starts at 65, but raising it to 70 has people on the street fuming.

Four people, likely to be three children and one woman, were found dead after a fire broke out on Thursday at a house in Tokyo, according to Japan's fire authorities and investigative sources. (Kyodo)

The body of a man, believed to have been killed by a bear in the forests of Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, has been identified as a missing man from Aomori Prefecture.

A 55-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of hugging and attempting to kiss a female flight attendant on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight, claiming he was too intoxicated to remember the incident, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Five teenagers have been arrested in Chiba Prefecture for riding motorcycles in a reckless manner, endangering cars as the gang entered an intersection on a red light.

More than 1,000 fire ants, a designated invasive species, have been found in a container at Yokohama Port. This marks the first confirmed case in Japan this year.

Prosecutors have once again demanded the death penalty in the retrial of the so-called Hakamada Case, which is being held at the Shizuoka District Court.

The bodies of four calves were discovered on a farm in Betsukai, Hokkaido, in what appears to be a bear attack.