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Rui Hachimura of the Los Angeles Lakers led his team to victory against the Boston Celtics. Rui scored 15 points, making it his sixth consecutive game to score in the double digits.

Amazon and Toei have launched a joint project to adapt "Oshi no Ko" into a live-action drama series and film. The drama series will be exclusively streamed worldwide on Amazon's Prime Video in the winter of 2024, while the film will be released in theaters distributed by Toei. Along with this announcement, six cast members have been revealed, including Kai Sakurai as Aqua and Asuka Saito as Ai.

"Crayon Shin-chan: The Movie" is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year since its premiere in 1993.

Due to an equipment malfunction at Asa Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the Sanyo Shinkansen had suspended service on the southbound line between Hiroshima Station and Kokura Station in Fukuoka Prefecture. However, as of 7:11 AM, the operation has resumed.

SKRYU's new EP titled, "Emergence," signifies transformation and molting, indicating a new phase in the artist's career.

Pizza Hut released the "Tenkaippin Collaboration Kotteri-Style Ramen Pizza" this past Monday (priced at 1,980 yen) for a limited time in collaboration with Tenkaippin, a famous ramen chain in Japan.

Matsumoto Hitoshi, of the comedy duo 'Downtown', has filed a lawsuit against the publisher Bungeishunju, seeking 550 million yen in damages over an article.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) announced on Monday the amendment of 34 ministerial ordinances under its jurisdiction, aiming to revise regulations that specify the use of floppy disks as a storage medium.

Professional mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura updated his YouTube channel on the 21st, addressing the criticism aimed at his protege Mizuki.

At the Rinnoji Temple in Tochigi Prefecture, preparations for 'Fuku Mame' beans to be used in next month's Setsubun festival have begun.

The top 10 bestselling and most pre-ordered recommended Manga from Rakuten books from January 8-14.

At a dark intersection in Nagasaki last month, a car slowly turning was suddenly met by a black shadow leaping from the right.

WSS playground, an indie game label has announced that their streamer life adventure game "NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE" has surpassed 1.5 million sales worldwide. In addition, the spin-off mini-game collection "Petit Game Collection vol.1" has been released on Steam starting today. They have also released a new song "Tsukikochou" inspired by the game's world and its music video on YouTube.

"Dengeki Online Channel" presents "Dengeki Indie," a live broadcast program where the editorial staff and Dengeki writers play indie games! The Dengeki Indie team will introduce a series of recommended indie games. The 303rd episode features gameplay of "SUSHI Shot"!

Niantic, Inc. and Pokemon's mobile app for iOS/Android, "Pokemon GO," is currently hosting the "Raging Battles" event in the GO Battle League from January 19th.

Kotatsu, a traditional Japanese heating appliance, is generally considered safe as it does not use direct flames or gas. However, fatal accidents occur every year. Here are some tips to use kotatsu safely.

Dengeki Online's serialized feature "Difficult-to-Read Kanji" continues to challenge readers with a wide range of characters, from those with readings so complex they're hard to imagine, to those that seem simple at first glance but are difficult to read.

"Wildmender" is a landscaping survival game set in a world that has succumbed to desertification, where players strive to restore and rejuvenate the greenery. It supports multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to four players to cooperate. Players start with a small oasis and gradually expand their greenery, eventually crafting their own beautiful garden.

"In the year of Tensho 15 (1587), the fifth-generation Fuma Kotaro lived in a war-torn world swirling with malevolent spirits. 'To survive is to keep killing'... With only this thought, he overcame thousands of brushes with death, but was finally captured and lost his life. In the brief moment he thought everything was over, 'The One Who Watches Over the World' reached out to Kotaro. That instant... reincarnation occurred, and Fuma Kotaro was revived in another world...!!"

A 31-year-old unemployed man has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a teenage girl for the purpose of committing indecent acts, after allegedly luring the junior high school student from Tokyo to his home in Osaka in exchange for sleeping pills.

A three-night consecutive tribute program for Sakata Toshio, who passed away last December. The program will be broadcast on BS Yoshimoto from January 19 (Friday) to January 21 (Sunday).

Singer-songwriter Kayoko Yoshizawa is gearing up for a nationwide tour in Japan this April to celebrate the release of her upcoming EP, 'Rikka'. Known for her unique blend of melodies and lyrical storytelling, Yoshizawa's tour promises to be an enchanting experience for her fans.

Dai-ichi Life Holdings, a major life insurance company, has decided to increase the starting salary for university graduates joining the company in April this year by 16%

Mired by confusion and suspicions, the Japan Clay Shooting Association will hold a general meeting to discuss the potential dismissal of all directors over suspicions of inappropriate use of funds solicited from corporate sponsors.

Seven-Eleven Japan is rolling out a variety of new products this week, starting January 16th, try out their new melon bread that uses whipped cream made from Furano melons or a fondant chocolat with a tangy berry chocolate sauce as the highlight.

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