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The restaurant industry, grappling with labor shortages and other challenges, is attracting attention for its use of AI.

A 14-year-old female junior high school student in central Japan was arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of attempted murder for stabbing her mother, who later passed away, with a kitchen knife.

All public junior high schools in Tokyo's upmarket Minato Ward are planning school trips to Singapore next year, at a cost to the student of no more than 70,000 yen.

Mao Ishikawa, born in the north of Okinawa Island in 1953, is an Okinawan photographer. What exactly can we see from these dense photographs, where the distance between the photographer and the person being photographed is extremely close?

A 64-year-old man was stabbed to death on Saturday night with a kitchen knife in his home in Kobe City, leading police to arrest his son on the spot.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Lesotho, who has recently arrived from Africa, is hooked on 'Don Quijote'! See what favorite items she's buying in bulk! We also introduce Lesotho Kingdom cuisine and 'sacred dances' at the Ambassador's residence!

A fire at a Chinese restaurant has caused mayhem on the streets of Tokyo as flames erupt from the 5th floor of a building near Ikebukuro Station.

Captured on security cameras, the "Last Samurai of Brazil" foils a gang of bike thieves as he chases them away with a Japanese sword.

A fire erupted from an electric bicycle's battery in Tokyo's Minato Ward on Thursday, causing momentary panic on the streets near Roppongi Hills.

Japan is attempting to legitimize its commercial whaling activities amid opposition from anti-whaling countries, with fresh whale meat now being offered for sale at Matsuya Ginza Department Store.

The traditional practice of "drive hunting" for whales and dolphins in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, which has been carried on for many years, began on Friday.

The number of carpenters in Japan has decreased to less than one-third compared to 40 years ago, with concerns that labor shortages will hamper growth in the construction industry.

A former inspector of the Chiba Prefectural Police has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for charges including assaulting multiple women, with prosecutors describing the crimes as "malicious acts."

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the culture of "public drinking" around Tokyo's Shibuya Station has been growing among locals and foreigners alike, forcing authorities to crack down on nuisance behaviour.

A former Hyogo police officer admitted in court that he had smoked marijuana about 150 times.

Fast-food chain Domino's Pizza has announced the resumption of "Tsukimi Quattro" pizza, which uses eggs, next month after a two-year hiatus.

Three women in their 20s have been arrested for waiting for clients on 'American Street' in Osaka with the intention of prostituting themselves.

As summer kicks in and more skin is exposed, the trend of "kids' hair removal" is on the rise, particularly among elementary and junior high school students.

A security camera has captured the moment a bag snatcher on a motorbike was brought down by locals in Tokyo's Ueno district.

A police officer fired three gunshots at a man who attempted to seize a handgun and was brandishing a wooden sword early Wednesday on the streets of Higashiyodogawa Ward, Osaka.

Insurance fraud murderer, Toshihiko Iwama (49), has died while waiting on death row in Tokyo, with the cause of death believed to be natural.

A panel of experts has made an urgent proposal for concrete measures towards workstyle reform in schools to address issues such as long working hours for teachers in Japan.

Nagoya's "Nippon Domannaka Festival," one of the largest team dance events in the region, locally referred to as "domatsuri," was held over the weekend in 15 venues around the city, with participation from 183 teams from both within Japan and overseas.

Hokkaido's "Ninja Bear," code named "OSO18," that attacked 66 cows, was dissected after his capture and extermination last week, with the meat being served in restaurants across Japan.

A man who climbed into the back of a woman's car, threatening her two children with a pottery shard while demanding money, later fled, leaving the 1,000 yen the woman had handed over to him.

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