A 73-year-old woman faced court for the first time on Wednesday, accused of impersonating a non-existent younger sister -- a fictitious character designed to avoid age-related workplace bullying. The woman stated in her defense, "My name is Chizuru Yoshino. There are no errors in the indictment."

The Family Law Division of the Legislative Council of Japan announced on Tuesday a comprehensive draft proposal to revamp the system concerning child upbringing after divorce. The current Civil Code, which mandates sole custody by either the mother or father, is set for a major overhaul to allow the option of joint custody.

From February 1st, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of "Godzilla", with a 3-meter statue of the beast roaring at Step Plaza, modeled after the "original Godzilla" from the 1954 premiere film.

A gaping hole, the size of a human standing upright, has mysteriously appeared in the backyard of a residential area in Shizuoka, leading to a tunnel-like horizontal cavity extending about four meters. At the end, there lies a stone wall, as if to tantalize what might lie beyond. The landowner, Kato, 65, suspects with 99% certainty that it is an air-raid shelter.

Tokyo Disneyland telah mengumumkan pengenalan pertunjukan hiburan malam hari baru yang akan memulai debutnya pada tanggal 20 September 2024 dengan latar belakang Kastil Cinderella, menghadirkan proyeksi kastil yang menggambarkan karakter Disney dan Marvel yang sedang mengejar impian mereka melintasi langit.

The man claiming to be Satoshi Kirishima, a suspect in a series of corporate bombings in the 1970s, died in a hospital on Monday, January 29, ending what appears to be a nearly 50-year-long life in hiding. However, the details emerging about his life suggest it was far from a typical fugitive's existence.

Japan has released its 2023 Population Movement Report, based on registered residents, revealing that seven prefectures, including Tokyo, have experienced a net migration intake, with Tokyo witnessing the most significant increase.

Aeon announced on Monday that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with a Hong Kong investment fund to acquire shares of Tsuruha Holdings, a major drugstore player. As the current leading shareholder with a 13.6% stake in Tsuruha Holdings, Aeon's acquisition of an additional nearly 13% held by the Hong Kong investment fund would elevate its share to just under 30%.

Saat musim dingin tiba, tradisi oden di Jepang, yaitu panci berisi makanan yang direbus dengan hangat, menjadi makanan nasional yang menjadi makanan favorit. Sebuah rumah tangga di Jepang menikmati oden rata-rata tiga kali dalam sebulan selama musim dingin. Jadi, apa saja bahan-bahan yang paling disukai dalam panci favorit musim dingin ini?

Commemorative coins for national parks across the country are set to be issued in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the national park system, with the unveiling of the designs for the first series of coins featuring three national parks in Okinawa Prefecture.

Tokyo Disneyland has announced the introduction of a new nighttime entertainment experience, set to debut on September 20, 2024, against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle, featuring a castle projection that depicts Disney and Marvel characters chasing their dreams across the sky.

For those who are looking to find their go-to bar but aren't sure where to start, this one's for you! We're introducing three bars in Shibuya where you can enjoy a relaxed drink. From a spot where you can leisurely appreciate quality music to a cocktail bar that has achieved the highest ranking in Japan among the world's best bars, there are plenty of attractive options!

Hinako Ashihara, the manga artist behind the popular series 'Sexy Tanaka-san', passed away on Monday at the age of 50. Ashihara had openly shared her thoughts and the troubles surrounding the drama adaptation of her work on social media.

As winter bites, the Japanese tradition of oden, a hearty pot of simmered goodies, takes on national comfort food status. A household in Japan indulges in oden on average three times a month during the chilly season. So what are the most loved ingredients in this winter favorite pot?

At the heart of a burgeoning debate on the essence of "Japanese beauty," stands the 26-year-old Ukraine-born woman, Carolina Shinno, who recently won the prestigious Miss Japan contest. Her victory has not only captured the nation's attention but also garnered international interest.

A research team from the University of Tokyo has announced the successful development of a "quantum bit" with the ability to correct computational errors caused by malfunctions, which are considered essential for the practical application of next-generation computers known as quantum computers.

On the final day of the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo, the men's and women's singles finals took place on Sunday, January 28.

Foto-foto misi pendaratan bulan pertama Jepang oleh pesawat ruang angkasa 'SLIM' dirilis pada hari Kamis.

Pertama kalinya, jumlah pekerja asing di Jepang telah melampaui 2 juta orang, mencapai titik tertinggi sepanjang masa, yang merupakan faktor penting dalam mengamankan tenaga kerja yang stabil seiring dengan menurunnya jumlah penduduk usia kerja di Jepang.

"Children's Cooking Picture Book: Ghibli's Table - Kiki's Delivery Service", set for release on March 14th, features recipes from the film, including herring and pumpkin pie baked by the lady with the blue-roofed house and the milk porridge made by Osono for Kiki.

As Sapporo prepares for the opening of the "Sapporo Snow Festival" on February 4th, citizens have begun crafting small snow sculptures in Odori Park, located in the heart of the city. Odori Park, the main venue of the festival in Sapporo's Chuo Ward, will feature not only large snow sculptures exceeding 10 meters in height but also approximately 80 small snow sculptures created by citizens selected through a lottery.

The traditional New Year event of Wakakusa Yamayaki was held Saturday evening in Nara, to a crowd of 190,000 spectators. At 6:00 PM, 600 fireworks were launched as a signal for local fire brigade members to set dry grass on fire with torches, engulfing the mountain slopes in bright flames.

Shogakukan's manga app "Manga ONE" editorial team has released a documentary titled "Ura Manga – The Hidden Side of Manga" on the official "Manga ONE" YouTube channel.

Soccer show "FOOTxBRAIN" features Hiroshi Mikitani, chairman of Vissel Kobe, champions of J-League last year, talking about the secrets to success, with MC Masanobu Katsumura and former Vissel Kobe player Tomoaki Makino.

The creation of 'Kitcho,' a vibrant good luck charm traditionally displayed on Setsubun, is underway at Kumano Hayatama Taisha in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture.

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