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In a candid roundtable discussion, college students working in night-time establishments like cabarets and clubs reveal the realities of their part-time jobs.

Popular boy band INI will be featured on the cover of the special edition of 'Numero TOKYO' magazine's March issue, which is set to be released on January 26. This special edition comes with an additional booklet titled "Numero Tokyo Homme INI," offering fans a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the 11 members through portraits and interviews.

The delegation from the "Japan-China Economic Association," currently visiting China, met with Commerce Minister Wang Wentao on Thursday afternoon, requesting the lifting of China's import ban on seafood, but failed to gain any commitment from the Chinese side.

The Japanese government has finalized its economic outlook for the next fiscal year, projecting a real GDP growth rate of 1.3%.

Japan's Ministry of Finance has released the country's financial status as of the end of March last year, showing that the amount of "debt exceeding assets" has reached a record high of 702 trillion yen. This increase is largely due to the issuance of additional government bonds to accommodate substantial supplementary budgets.

A tragic incident occurred on Thursday morning when a man fell to his death from a condominium in Tokyo while police investigators were preparing to search the premises in connection with a case.

In a groundbreaking decision, the Nagoya High Court has overturned a lower court ruling and ordered the government to recognize a Rohingya man living in Nagoya as a refugee, citing the risk of persecution and ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

The Japan Coast Guard received a distress call just after 8:00 PM on Thursday night from a cruise ship that had departed from Yokohama Port, reporting that they had collided with a breakwater, injuring the captain.

For the first time, the number of foreign workers in Japan has exceeded 2 million, reaching an all-time high, a key ingredient in securing a stable workforce as Japan faces a declining working-age population.

In response to the suicide of a first-year female student at a municipal junior high school in Sapporo three years ago in 2021, the city's Board of Education has decided to implement an app that conducts surveys on bullying and manages the physical and mental health of all students attending municipal elementary and junior high schools.

A high school girl suffered severe injuries after being dragged 700 meters by a 11-ton truck in a horrific accident involving her bicycle, which was left mangled beyond recognition.

In the aftermath of the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the affected areas continued to experience frigid conditions Friday morning, including Wajima dropping to -1.1C, with the public advised to be vigilant against hypothermia and to exercise caution during restoration efforts to prevent accidents such as slips and falls due to snow and icy road conditions.

The first volume of the erotic fantasy manga "Tensei Nikonbini Hito no Isekai Kouryakuhou," based on the original work by Komi Taro and illustrated by Hayashi, was released today, January 26th. In this story, the protagonist Sei, who is called the "weakest" due to his almost nonexistent combat abilities, chooses to be a "porter".

SEGA has unveiled new details about "Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth" (Yakuza 8), set to be released on January 26, which includes a play spot called "Matching App," where players can interact with characters based on real-life personalities, and aim to go on dates with them.

Record snowfall across central Japan which caused a major traffic jam on the Meishin Expressway, with vehicles stranded for over 6.6 kilometers, has been resolved after 18 hours of virtual standstill.

The price of Ehomaki sushi rolls, traditionally eaten during the Setsubun festival in February, has risen by approximately 4% compared to last year.

The National Cancer Center Japan has published the first-ever compilation of 10-year survival rates for pediatric and adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients, aged from late teens to their 30s, based on data from individuals diagnosed with cancer at cancer base hospitals nationwide.

Anyone who has experienced long security lines at Fukuoka Airport will be relieved to hear a new system aimed at alleviating chronic congestion started on Wednesday.

In an effort to expedite the immigration and customs processes for the growing number of foreign travelers to Japan, a new system that consolidates both procedures was unveiled to the press on Thursday, set for trial implementation at Haneda Airport's international terminal.

Actor Yo Oizumi has been announced as a guest voice actor for the upcoming movie "Detective Conan: The Five-Starred Millionaire," where he will lend his voice to the original character, a detective from the Hokkaido Police First Investigation Division named Yoshihisa Kawazoe.

A delegation of top figures from Japan's business community, currently visiting Beijing, has held discussions with Chinese economic policy authorities, urging transparent implementation of laws such as the anti-spy law.

Images of Japan's first lunar landing mission by the spacecraft 'SLIM' were released on Thursday.

On March 25th, The Kyoto District Court is set to deliver its verdict for Shinji Aoba, the defendant accused of murder and arson in the case of the deadly arson attack on Kyoto Animation's studio five years ago.

In the trial of the Kyoto Animation arson murder case, which resulted in 36 deaths, the Kyoto District Court pronounced a death sentence on Thursday afternoon for the defendant, Shinji Aoba, aged 45.

This month, the most common reason for candidates who were unable to take the National Center Test for University Admissions and had to take a makeup exam was influenza, with COVID-19 infections dropping to one-fifth of last year's numbers.

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