Two Japanese listed as potential Nobel winners

NHK -- Sep 26
Two Japanese researchers are among potential Nobel laureates in a list released by a US scientific information service firm. This year's winners will be announced starting from October 5.

Clarivate Analytics has released a list of 24 influential researchers from six countries whose work, it says, is worthy of a Nobel Prize. The firm chose them after analyzing about 50 million papers.

Two Japanese made the "Citation Laureates" list. They are Nakamura Yusuke, professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, and Fujita Makoto, distinguished professor also at the same university.

Nakamura's research heralded personalized approaches to cancer treatment.

Fujita was recognized for his contributions to advances in "supramolecular chemistry" to create new substances.

Among researchers chosen by the firm in the past, 54 have won the Nobel Prize.