Abe apologizes in Diet; corrects statements on funding scandal
Japan Today -- Dec 25
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday corrected statements he had made in the Diet, apologizing for what he said were mistakes regarding a political funding scandal that has also cast a pall over the current prime minister, Yoshihide Suga.

Abe said he felt deeply responsible for making repeated false denials that his political funding group had subsidized cherry blossom viewing parties for his supporters, in possible violation of the country's strict political funding laws.

Japan's longest-serving leader said he had known nothing about the payments and pledged to work to regain public trust. The apology came after his secretary was on Thursday summarily indicted over the issue and fined 1 million yen.

"Even though the accounting procedures happened without my knowledge, I feel morally responsible for what happened," Abe told a Diet committee. "I reflect on this deeply and apologize from my heart to the citizens and to all lawmakers."

Abe also filed corrected political funding reports for the last three years.

The public apology marks a sharp reversal of fortune for Abe, a political blueblood whose grandfather and great-uncle also served as prime ministers. He quit as prime minister on health grounds in September after serving nearly eight years as prime minister.

安倍前総理大臣が桜を見る会の前夜祭を巡って事実と異なる答弁をしたとして、国会で陳謝しました。議員辞職を迫るなど追及を強める野党に、安倍前総理の対応は。  参加者が1人5000円を払っていた「桜を見る会」の前夜祭。実際にはそれでは足りず、安倍前総理側が4年間で約708万円を補填。それらの収支を政治資金収支報告書に記載していませんでした。  また、捜査当局も利益供与にはあたらないと判断したと説明しました。  立憲民主党・辻元清美議員:「国民のなかには議員辞職に値するのではないかという声があること、承知していますか?」  安倍前総理大臣:「承知をしております」  立憲民主党・辻元清美議員:「民間の企業を考えてみて下さい。社長がですね、公の場で虚偽・・・嘘の説明を100回以上やって社員にだまされましたと言い訳をして通用しますか?」  安倍前総理大臣:「国民の信頼を回復するためにあらゆる努力を重ねていきたいと考えているところでございます」  立憲民主党・辻元清美議員:「子どもの教育にも悪いです。
News sources: Japan Today, ANNnewsCH
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