Yamanashi: Police officer accused of molesting girl after reported theft

tokyoreporter.com -- Feb 26
Yamanashi Prefectural Police have arrested a police officer over the alleged molestation of a girl after she reported a theft, reports NHK.

Last November, Yuki Watanabe, of the Uenohara Police Station, allegedly fondled the body of the girl, aged in her teens, through her clothes at her residence.

At around 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, police arrested Watanabe at his residence in Higashimurayama City on suspicion of indecent assault.

Yuki Watanabe (Twitter)

“I wanted to get along with her,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

The incident took place after the girl reported a theft. “Let me check the site again,” Watanabe reportedly said by telephone in asking to visit her the next day.

“We deeply apologize to victim and the citizens of the prefecture,” a representative of the prefectural police said. “This should never happen, and we will provide thorough guidance to staff and strive to restore trust.”

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山梨県警上野原警察署の巡査長・渡辺祐樹容疑者(27)が強制わいせつの疑いで逮捕されました。 渡辺容疑者は去年11月、窃盗被害にあった女性の自宅を捜査名目で訪れた際、この女性の体を触るなどわいせつな行為をした疑いが持たれています。 渡辺容疑者は捜査の中で女性の携帯電話の番号を入手し、「現場の状況を確認したい」と連絡を取っていたということです。 - TBS NEWS