Lower House approves record budget for FY2021

NHK -- Mar 03
The Lower House of Japan's Diet has approved a record budget worth more than 106 trillion yen, or about 1 trillion dollars, for next fiscal year starting in April.

The budget includes spending to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, promote digital transformation, work toward carbon neutrality, and help people receive infertility treatment.

The Lower House discussed the budget at a plenary session on Tuesday after approval by the budget committee.

Fujiwara Takashi of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party said the central and local governments are making utmost efforts to control the coronavirus. He said the Lower House should pass the budget to support people fighting the pandemic on the frontline.

Takeuchi Norio, a lawmaker of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, said the budget should not be approved. He argued that spending on anti-coronavirus measures is insufficient and that for non-essential matters is not cut, but inflated.

In a vote, the Lower House approved the budget with majority support from the LDP and its junior coalition partner Komeito.

The budget was immediately sent to the Upper House, and will be automatically enacted if the chamber fails to vote within 30 days.


2021年度予算案が2日午後、衆議院を通過しました。  予算案には新型コロナ対策の予備費が5兆円盛り込まれるなど、一般会計の総額が106兆6097億円と過去最大に上っています。  憲法の規定によって30日経てば自然成立するため、年度内の成立が確実になりました。  3日から審議の場は参議院に移りますが、野党側は菅総理大臣の長男らによる総務省幹部の接待問題などを引き続き追及する方針です。 - ANNnewsCH