Woman in Japan ordered to pay man damages for having sex with his wife

nypost.com -- Mar 26
A woman in Japan must fork over hundreds of dollars to a man because she had sex with his wife, according to a rare court ruling.

The Tokyo District Court ordered the unnamed 37-year-old gal to pay the 39-year-old jilted husband $1,010 because she had an affair with his 35-year-old spouse, according to a Feb. 16 ruling reported by the Japanese news outlet The Asahi Shimbun.

The angry hubby first filed a lawsuit against his wife’s lover for allegedly turning her into a two-timer after the women met online, the outlet reported.

As a defense, she claimed the affair should not legally be considered infidelity because it didn’t ruin the couple’s marriage, the outlet reported.

But the court ruled that any act “undermining the peace” in a marriage — including extramarital sex— qualifies as infidelity.

In past years, affairs between same-sex lovers have not been considered infidelity under the law, experts told the outlet.

However, the Tokyo High Court ordered a woman to pay compensation to her same-sex partner last March for destroying their union by cheating, sparking a new legal precedent.

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