Coronavirus cases rising after emergency ends

NHK -- Mar 29
One week after the state of emergency was lifted, the number of new coronavirus cases in Tokyo and three surrounding prefectures appears to be on an upward trend.

There have also been spikes in areas that were not under the emergency declaration.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on Sunday that it had confirmed 313 new cases. That is 57 more than last Sunday. The tally topped 100 in neighboring Saitama Prefecture.

The western prefecture of Osaka reported an even higher count than Tokyo, at 323. The number has been over 300 for three days in a row.

In Fukushima Prefecture in the northeast, the medical system is under strain.

The occupancy rate for hospital beds remains at the highest level of the government's four-tier alert system.

Across Japan, 1,785 new cases and 29 deaths were confirmed on Sunday.