Challenges remain with 100 days toTokyo Games

NHK -- Apr 14
Wednesday marks just 100 days to go until the Tokyo Olympics.

Held amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Games are sure to be historic, but challenges and uncertainties remain as coronavirus cases continue to climb.

The torch relay is underway across the country. But in Osaka prefecture, which has been struggling to contain a recent surge in infections, torch bearers are prohibited from running on public roads. Instead, they are running inside a park on Tuesday and Wednesday without spectators.

A recent NHK poll shows divided public opinion over the Tokyo Games -- more than 30 percent of respondents think the Games should be canceled, while more than half think they should be held with either a limited number of spectators or without any.

Organizers are hoping to boost public interest through the relay, but the situation remains fluid, with the route or number of spectators possibly being affected.

Last month, they decided to ban spectators outside of Japan for safety reasons. But the number of domestic spectators that will be allowed hasn't been disclosed yet.

As the clock ticks, organizers are pushing ahead with preparations to pave the way for some athletes set to compete, but the pandemic continues to cast a shadow.

Some swimming test events have been postponed due to Japan's strict coronavirus measures.

The Tokyo Olympics is due to start on July 23. - NHK






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