University students accused of jointly possessing 2 grams of marijuana in Shibuya -- Apr 23
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two 18-year-old university students over the alleged possession of marijuana in Shibuya Ward on Wednesday, reports NHK

At around 3:00 a.m., an officer discovered 2 grams of marijuana in the possession of the students, from Nihon University and Aoyama Gakuin University, on a road in the Dogenzaka area.

The Nihon University student admits to the allegations. However, the other student told the Shibuya Police Station, “Just because we were together, it doesn’t mean we possessed [the marijuana] jointly.”

Prior to the discovery, an officer on patrol stopped the pair, who were high school classmates, for voluntary questioning.

The officer then found the marijuana. Police are investigating how the suspects obtained the contraband.


大麻所持で逮捕されたのは、日大生と青学大生だった。 日本大学の男子学生(18)は、21日、東京・渋谷区で警察官の職務質問を受けた際、大麻およそ2グラムを持っていたところを現行犯逮捕された。 当時、一緒にいた青山学院大学の男子学生(18)も、大麻の共同所持で逮捕された。 日大生は容疑を認めているが、青学大生は容疑を否認している。 - FNNプライムオンライン