Shizuoka residents clear debris after strong winds

NHK -- May 03
Residents of Shizuoka Prefecture west of Tokyo are clearing up debris after their communities were hit by what appeared to be a tornado.

The powerful gust on Saturday evening left three people injured and damaged nearly 100 buildings.

In Makinohara City, neighbors helped 75-year-old Endo Kanae clean up broken glass scattered around her home on Monday. The gust also ripped off more than half of the roof.

Endo was not injured as she was staying at her daughter's home at the time.

She says she has lived in the house for more than four decades, and she never imagined such a thing would happen.

Residents brought broken roof tiles and other debris to four temporary dump sites set up by the city government.


1日、静岡県牧之原市で突風が発生し、家の窓ガラスが割れたり、車が横転したりする被害が出ました。3人がけがをしたということです。 - ANNnewsCH