Toshiba unit confirms DarkSide cyberattack

NHK -- May 15
A unit of Toshiba has confirmed that it fell victim to a cyberattack by the Russia-based hacker group DarkSide, which is believed to be behind another attack on a major US fuel pipeline.

On Friday, Toshiba Tec said subsidiaries in four European countries, including France and Germany, were hit by ransomware during the night of May 4. It also said no money has been paid.

The firm said it responded by halting networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe, as well as within Europe, adding that shipping and sales operations were delayed by a few days.

DarkSide claimed responsibility on the dark web shortly after 1 a.m. on Friday Japan time. The group said it stole over 740 gigabytes of data, including personal information.

Toshiba Tec officials say they have confirmed no leak of customer-related information so far. But they say it is possible that some data may have been leaked by hackers.

The officials also say they will conduct an investigation with an external organization and closely work with authorities in Europe.

Earlier this week, the FBI concluded that DarkSide was responsible for a ransomware attack that forced US firm Colonial Pipeline to halt supplies of gasoline and other fuel.


ロシア系のハッカー集団「ダークサイド」による攻撃とみられます。  東芝の子会社「東芝テック」はヨーロッパの4カ国にある現地法人に対して4日、一斉にサイバー攻撃があったと明らかにしました。  情報が流出した可能性があるとして、外部の専門機関による調査を進めています。 - ANNnewsCH