Imperial Household Agency reopens East Gardens

NHK -- Jun 09
The Imperial Household Agency has reopened the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The site was closed for six months, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Otemon gate of the Imperial Palace was opened to the public on Tuesday morning. Officials called on people to take anti-infection measures, such as disinfecting their hands and wearing masks.

Visitors were able to observe 84 different kinds of Japanese irises that are now in full bloom.

Tours given by Imperial Household Agency staff members on the grounds of the Imperial Palace also resumed on Tuesday. Participants looked at the Fujimi-yagura, one of the remaining towers of the former Edo Castle, the Imperial Household Agency building, and the Imperial Palace, as they walked along a two-kilometer course.

A man from Yokohama City said he came to the East Gardens after receiving a coronavirus vaccination earlier in the day.

The Imperial Household Agency says the East Gardens will close at 4:30 p.m., which is 90 minutes earlier than usual. The agency also says the number of visitors on guided tours at the Imperial Palace will be limited for the time being.


宮内庁は、新型コロナの感染拡大を受けて昨年末から休止していた「皇居東御苑」などの公開を、8日から再開しました。 - TBS NEWS