Tokyo travel hub adds pedestrian-friendly walkway

NHK -- Jul 13
Workers have put the final touches on part of a pedestrian walkway that will eventually connect far-flung sections of Tokyo's Shibuya Station as part of an extensive redevelopment program.

The station is used by four railway companies and has 20 ground-level exits. The facility is located in a slight depression, which means there are many stairs and slopes to navigate for those wishing to enter or leave the station.

The new walkway will provide ease of access by stretching from a relatively high point on one side of the station to a point at a similar elevation on the other side.

The first part of the walkway to be completed runs for about 200 meters alongside the Shibuya Hikarie Building across the street from the station's east exit.

The completed section will be opened on Thursday. When construction is finished in 2027, the walkway will run over and through the station itself before spanning a street on the west side of the travel hub. It will allow pedestrians to cover long distances all on one level.

Hamamoto Rie from the Tokyu Corporation, which is involved in the redevelopment, expressed hopes that the walkway would connect the station with its surroundings and make for easy access.


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