Dramatic finale for karate's Olympic debut

NHK -- Aug 09
Karate made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games, and the final bout on Saturday took a dramatic turn.

Iran's Sajad Ganjzadeh faced off against Saudi Arabia's Tareg Hamedi in the men's Kumite over 75-kilo category.

Hamedi look certain to win shortly into the match.

But later, his high kick connected with the neck of his opponent. Ganjzadeh fell to the mat and was carried off on stretcher.

The referee decided to disqualify Hamedi, saying the unchecked attack violated Olympic rules.

That meant the gold medal would go to Ganjzadeh, who was receiving medical attention.

The Iranian later returned for the medal ceremony. In the spirit of sportsmanship, the two athletes posed together for photographers. - NHK