Suspect at large after two injured in Tokyo subway acid attack


Japan Times -- Aug 25
A man and a woman sustained burns on Tuesday night after a suspect threw what is believed to be sulfuric acid in a Tokyo subway station and fled the scene, police said, with the incident occurring amid tightened security as the Tokyo Paralympics opened the same day.

The 22-year-old man sustained injuries to his face and shoulder while the 34-year-old woman suffered burns on her legs in the attack that took place shortly after 9 p.m. at Tokyo Metro Co.’s Shirokane Takanawa Station in the capital’s Minato Ward.

Both victims were transported to a hospital and remain conscious, the police said, adding that the man’s burns are severe while the woman’s injury is mild.

After the attack, the man told bystanders he could not see and the woman said the affected area felt hot, the police added.

The male suspect, about 175 centimeters tall and aged between 30 and 50, was dressed in black and wearing a mask.

According to the subway operator and law enforcement authorities, the suspect threw the acid at the man as he overtook him from the right side. The woman sustained burns after slipping on the liquid on the floor and falling into it.

Aug 25 (ANNnewsCH) -  東京・港区の地下鉄白金高輪駅で男が男性の顔に硫酸とみられる液体をかけて逃走しました。警視庁は男の画像を公開して行方を追っています。

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