Japan immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner

Kyodok -- Sep 16
A Japanese-Peruvian man seeking state compensation for mistreatment at the Osaka immigration bureau in 2017 was shown being held face down by a number of officers in security camera footage submitted Wednesday at trial, a lawyer in charge of his case said.

In the case filed with the Osaka District Court, Burgos Fujii, 48, is seeking 2 million yen ($18,000) in damages from the state after he was left handcuffed for over half a day at the Osaka Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

The video includes footage of Fujii being hauled off to a solitary cell by many officers, as well as him being held down during tussles with five officers in the middle of the night and lying on the floor handcuffed with his arms behind his back.

Another scene showed an immigration officer intimidating Fujii by asking him whether he was prepared to follow their orders.

According to the complaint, Fujii was left with his arms handcuffed behind his back for more than 14 hours on Dec. 20, 2017, after he expressed dissatisfaction with his lunch and became violent. He was later found to have fractured his arm, with the injury taking a month to heal.