Apple announces new settlement with Japan allowing developers to link to external websites

Apple has settled with Japanese regulators to allow developers of “reader” apps to link to their own websites to manage their user accounts. This change will take effect in early 2022.

The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has given Apple to digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and videos such as Netflix, Spotify, Audible and Dropbox.

“We pay great respect to the Japan Fair Trade Commission and thank you for the work we have done together, which protects and trusts the privacy of leader app developers,” he said. Phil Schiller, who oversees Apple’s App Store.

According to the statement, before the changes take effect next year, Apple will continue to update the guidelines and review process for reader app users to make it a better market for both users and developers.

Apple store Announced last week With some updates that give developers more flexibility in dealing with their customers, the company has also launched a new partner program to support local journalists.

Apple will also apply this change globally to all reader apps on the store.