Japanese snow crab fetches $7,000 at auction

Kyodo -- Nov 07
A snow crab fetched 800,000 yen ($7,050) at a fishing port auction in Fukui Prefecture on Saturday, as the fishing season began the same day in the Sea of Japan for the winter delicacy.
The price was a record for a prime male crab marketed by the prefectural government under the "Kiwami" brand. The successful bidder, a local restaurant owner, said he purchased the crab so he could welcome customers with his "head held high."

Since 2015, Fukui authorities have been selling a tiny portion of locally caught snow crabs as Kiwami, after carefully selecting the crustaceans that meet criteria for the brand, including weight and a symmetric appearance.

In the year ended in March, 67 snow crabs, or 0.04 percent of the total catch, were certified as Kiwami crabs.