Snowboarder Iwabuchi wins World Cup Big Air event

NHK -- Dec 06
Japanese snowboarder Iwabuchi Reira has won her first World Cup Big Air title of the season.

19-year-old Iwabuchi competed in the season's second World Cup contest in the US state of Colorado on Saturday.

In the Big Air event, competitors go down a steep hill and perform tricks after taking off from a ramp.

In her first run, Iwabuchi achieved the highest score of 87.25 points. She earned 91 points in her third trial, performing a superb rotation in the air while grabbing the edge of the board.

She clinched the women's title with an overall score of 178.25 points. This was her seventh World Cup victory, and her sixth in the Big Air event.

Iwabuchi said she was excited, as she was able to bring out her best. She added she will fine-tune her tricks ahead of the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Austria's reigning Olympic champion Anna Gasser finished second, with Germany's Annika Morgan coming in third.