New Year sumo tournament starts in Tokyo

NHK -- Jan 09
The New Year Grand Sumo Tournament started at the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo on Sunday.

Yokozuna Grand Champion Terunofuji and both Ozeki Champions won their first bouts.

Terunofuji -- the only wrestler currently holding the Yokozuna ranking -- is aiming to win a third straight tourney. He won the last one with a perfect record.

If he achieves his goal, he will be the first wrestler in 103 years to win first three tournaments in a row after becoming a Yokozuna.

Japan Sumo Association Chairman Hakkaku said wrestlers have been working hard. He also said he will try to make persistent efforts while the fight against the coronavirus is expected to continue.

He praised Terunofuji's performance on Sunday, saying it was powerful and perfect for a tourney's opening day.