Mizuho partners Google to accelerate tech transformation after a year to forget

みずほ グーグルと提携へ データ分析でサービス強化

computerweekly.com -- Mar 24
Mizuho Financial Group is working with Google to transform its operations to keep pace with changing customer demand and repair reputational damage caused by IT-related shortfalls.

The company’s president was forced to resign last year after a major IT glitch in March. He was followed out of the door by the CEO after regulators reprimanded the company for IT failures in November.

The company has since accepted its IT failures and installed a new CEO and president. Following the announcement of the agreement with Google, Masahiro Kihara, who took on the CEO role, said the bank needed to change because customer demands had already done so.

“The global spread of Covid-19, along with megatrends such as digitisation, the ageing population and globalisation, have led to significant changes in our lifestyles and economies,” he said.

“To deliver on the needs of our customers in this new era, we’re working with Google to enhance our operational capabilities, innovate across our online and mobile channels, and transform our corporate culture. Through this partnership, we will become a stronger and more resilient financial group which our customers can trust,” stated Kihara.

Google will support the finance group’s ambitions around personalising services for customers through data-driven platforms. To this end, it will build a digital marketing platform on Google Cloud that is integrated with Google Analytics.

みずほフィナンシャルグループがアメリカのグーグルと提携することがわかりました。デジタルサービスを強化するためで、2022年度中にも、グーグルのクラウド上で顧客の取引データを分析し、投資信託や住宅ローンの提案など、顧客ごとに適したサービスを提供する計画です。グーグルとの提携で、みずほは度重なるシステム障害により出遅れたデジタル化で挽回をはかる考えです。 - テレ東BIZ