Japan to limit scope of fourth jabs to older people and those at higher risk

4回目ワクチンは対象限定 60歳以上と基礎疾患ある人

Japan Times -- Apr 28
The health ministry adopted a plan Wednesday to limit eligibility for fourth doses of COVID-19 vaccines to those age 60 or over, as well as those who are age 18 or over with underlying conditions.

Arrangements for fourth doses, positioned as part of a publicly funded emergency vaccination program, are aimed at preventing people from developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Under the program, those age 60 or older will be obliged to make efforts to receive fourth vaccine shots. The interval period between third and fourth shots is set at five months, reflecting circumstances overseas. COVID-19 vaccines developed by U.S. firms Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc. will be used.

In an Israeli study, the efficacy of fourth shots in preventing serious illness in people age 60 or over remained steady for six weeks, although the efficacy in preventing infections waned soon after the vaccine was given.

The ministry launched discussions on the fourth round of vaccinations in March. It reached the decision to give the shots only to elderly people and some others on Monday, considering both the benefits and risks.

The ministry has called for local governm

新型コロナワクチンの4回目の接種について、厚生労働省は接種の対象を60歳以上と基礎疾患を持つ人にする方針を決めました。 後藤茂之厚労大臣 「(対象者は)60歳以上と、重症化リスクが高いと医師が認めた方とすること」 後藤厚労大臣は27日午後、このように話し、厚労省の専門部会で4回目のワクチン接種の対象を▼60歳以上と▼基礎疾患を持つ人など重症化のリスクを持つ人とする方針が決まったことを明らかにしました。 - TBS NEWS