Classic Japanese audio brand Onkyo files for bankruptcy

音響機器『オンキヨー』が破産 コロナ・半導体不足が追い打ちに

Nikkei -- May 14
Japanese audio equipment maker Onkyo Home Entertainment filed for bankruptcy at Osaka District Court on Friday, with total liabilities of around 3.1 billion yen ($24 million).

The Osaka-based company was delisted in August. It was unable to keep pace with changes in how people listen to music, as users shift from audio equipment like compact stereo systems -- once Onkyo's core business -- to devices like smartphones for streaming services.

Two Onkyo subsidiaries that handled original equipment manufacturing -- such as assembling speakers for other brands -- and sales representation of audio equipment filed for voluntary bankruptcy in March.

Since then, Onkyo has essentially stopped doing business except management of an already-sold subsidiary. The company told Nikkei it "tried to maintain business on a smaller scale, but could not stop cash-flow problems from worsening."

Established in 1946, Onkyo supported the audio boom as a household name for speakers, turntables and stereo receivers. But the market transformed in the 2000s as Apple's mobile audio player iPod and smartphones became popular. The dwindling market for analog audio equipment such as stereo sets led to a steady downturn in earnings.

老舗のオーディオ機器メーカー『オンキヨーホームエンターテイメント』が倒産しました。負債総額は約31億5000万円です。 13日、大阪地裁に破産手続き開始の申し立てを行い、決定を受けたということです。 世界中で多くの愛好家が生まれるなど高い技術力に定評がありました。 しかし、近年、据え置き型のオーディオ機器の需要が低迷し、また、半導体不足などの影響を受けたことで債務返済の見通しが立たない状況となり、事業継続を断念したとしています。 - ANNnewsCH